With its tale of beauty and craftmanship, Héritage expresses Jumbo Collection’s most authentic spirit in a series of evocative settings with a refined classic appeal, characterized by the richness of Louis XV and Louis XVI style decorations. The proposal is bright and elegant, enriched by numerous hand-carved Louis XVI-style elements and neoclassical decorations such as garlands, bows, rosettes and curls. Nobly crafted damask motifs decorate the seats and backs of the furniture, while the finishes, including gold leaf work, lend a bright note to the light and ethereal colour palette, dominated by soft colours such as white, shiny gold, grey and light wood essences. The numerous art pieces on the walls enrich the settings, emphasising the timeless mood of the different environments.

A tribute to the French grandeur of the 1600s and 1700s, where the charm of the sophisticated spaces recalling the elegance and sumptuousness of the noble palaces is updated and reinterpreted according to an eclectic, dynamic and contemporary approach. The constant presence of the decorations - baroque carvings, Rocaille ornaments, neoclassical-inspired shapes, Japanese motifs and experimental elements - becomes a way to convey emotions and to communicate a timeless idea of beauty.


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