A historic building in the US


A historic building in the US

A mansion in the heart of the US, property of a passionate lover of luxury, design, craftmanship and Italian style.

The entrance and living space are characterized by the Michelangelo boiserie, with its classical lines enhanced by a contemporary twist. The sumptuous velvet upholstery creates an enveloping feeling, making any environment a treasure chest where the level of comfort is at its maximum. In fact, beauty and well-being match perfectly within the boiserie, as requested by the owner of this historic building.


In the palace, one of the jewels is the Frida walk-in closet. Carefully designed to meet needs and desires of a very refined Lady, the space is feminine yet functional, full of details to be discovered. In the closet, a work of full and empty volumes is perfectly orchestrated with the lighting system, while the mirrors’ squared lines and the luxury textiles upholstering some of the walls add extra sophistication to the whole.


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