The London Apartment


The London Apartment

An evocative pied-à-terre in the vibrant centre of the English metropolis

The London Apartment is an entirely custom project planned and executed by our Interior Design Service for an exclusive, private client from Shenzhen. The spaces that make up the dwelling - a living room, a dining room and a bedroom - radiate an evocative classical style that is delicate and light, rich in artistic and cultural allusions, and in keeping with the vivacious and sophisticated personality of the client.

The Fuji Line takes centre stage in the apartment’s interior: the furnishings of this collection feature glass elements made using a special artisanal technique that allows the glass to be engraved at several stages and at different depths to create a design with a three-dimensional effect that is unique to each piece.

shinto madeleine feuille

The apartment’s lavish dining room is furnished with a table, chairs and showcases from the Fuji line, all distinguished by an exquisite brass structure matching the Shinto bookcase.

The living room includes an evocative mix of classic and contemporary elements. The centrepiece of this space is the Wheidon sofa with its soft, inviting lines enhanced by a light grey satin upholstery embellished with raised embroidered details.

The same tone of fabric is repeated in the Ivy armchairs, whose aesthetic is expressed through the juxtaposition of the soft shapes of the seat and the decorative, classically carved base and feet.

In the bedroom area, sensual fabrics, warm, delicate tones and artistic touches create a chic, feminine atmosphere. The Madeleine line graces the bedroom with its soft shapes and timeless appeal. The bed has an elegant headboard distinguished by exquisite decorative elements cast in brass that show an exceptional level of artisanal skill and attention to detail.


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