The art of carving


The art of carving

Manual and technical skills, creativity and talent. The hand-made carving told by one of Jumbo Collection’s Masters: Gabriele Migliorini.

Since its foundation in 1985, the brand has always been distinguished by an extraordinary passion for the finest furniture. Quality, artisanal ability, continual research and innovation into design and materials are the cornerstones that inspire the entire productive process, allowing to create the most refined and luxurious interiors, rigorously made in Italy by skilled artisans.


One of them is Gabriele Migliorini, Jumbo Collection's master woodcarver, a man who has turned his passion into a lifelong career, giving life to inspiration and vision through processes still carried out using traditional methods. In his own words: "I create the things that I design. My profession is based on manual skill, something that is acquired at a young age. I have had the good fortune of encountering companies that have allowed me to express myself. In my workshop I work on new shapes, trying to approach modernity. So I can achieve forms that transcend the actual carvings".


Italy has always been the country of craftsmanship, the nation of ancient workshops where skilled hands carved precious woods. The central component of the craftsmanship is, today as in the past, the ability to give life to inspiration and vision through processes still made according to traditional methods. Jumbo Collection is very proud to celebrate the exceptional craftsmanship of its master woodcarver, Gabriele Migliorini, who has the remarkable ability to transform unique designs into even more extraordinary creations.


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